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We’ve discussed establishing your staff and some ancillary activities including establishing standards, TACSOP’S, and other organizational priorities.
Upon establishing the staff you should prioritize your work based upon the situation across your area command. Understanding that resistance warfare is; “activities conducted to disrupt, overthrow, oppose, and/or withstand an occupying power”. You will operate across the political, cultural, social and military domains. Your staff must be organized and equipped with personnel who understand how to utilize locally available and accessible elements of power to achieve the envisioned end state of your resistance forces.
The Underground

The underground is a cellular organization within the irregular movement that is responsible for
subversion, sabotage, intelligence collection, and other compartmentalized activities. Most underground operations are required to take place in and around population centers. As such, the underground must have the ability to conduct operations in areas that are usually inaccessible to the guerrillas, such as areas under government military control. Underground members often fill leadership positions, overseeing specific functions that auxiliary workers carry out. The underground and auxiliary—although technically separate units—are, in reality, loosely connected elements that provide coordinated capabilities for the irregular movement. The key distinction between them is that the underground is the element of the irregular organization that operates in areas denied to the guerrilla force. Specific functions of the underground and auxiliary include the following:

– Propaganda and IO
– Espionage
– Intelligence Gathering/Counter Intelligence
– Sabotage
– Coordinated support to Guerrilla Forces via auxiliary element: Medical, Engineering, Local Security, Procurement and Production of end use items
– Shadow Government
– Leadership of Auxiliary Elements

Prior to establishing your guerrilla forces you must establish the means of providing support to the Guerrilla force. Additionally it is imperative that you remain engaged within the political, cultural and social spheres allowing you to “fight” in and among those domains.
The Auxiliary

The auxiliary is the primary support element of the irregular organization whose organization and operations are clandestine in nature and whose members do not openly indicate their sympathy or involvement with the irregular movement. This support enables the guerrilla force—and often the underground—to survive and function. This support can take the form of logistics, labor, or intelligence.

Many functions of the auxiliary and underground overlap, auxiliaries are more likely in rural environments where the relative distance and dispersion of adversary forces permit operations by guerrilla or other armed irregular forces. Members of the auxiliary are sometimes characterized as “part-time members” of the irregular organization, continuing to participate in the life of their community—to all appearances concerned only with their normal occupations—and at the same time engaging in irregular operations to varying degrees. Local cell or element leaders organize and coordinate all efforts, which the area or sector command directs. These various elements may serve as support cells within compartmentalized support networks. Specific functions of the auxiliary include:
– Logistics and Logistics Management
– Localized Home Guard/Early Warning/Augmentation to Guerrilla units
– Intelligence Gathering
– Conducting CI
– Recruitment of Personnel/Personnel Management
– Safe House Management and other underground infrastructure
– Training Cadre
The Guerrilla Force
Guerrilla forces are the paramilitary arm of the resistance movement. Organized along military lines they provide the resistance with the capability to wage war. The guerrilla force should be an agile force concentrating on offensive operations. Raids, reconnaissance and ambush are the bread and butter of your guerrilla elements. The guerrilla force is generally rural based however in today’s environment they should be trained and prepared to conduct urban operations.
By now you have been provided enough information to have begun establishing your Area Command, staff elements and subordinate support apparatus. Going forward we will utilize historical vignettes and modern examples as to how a modern day American based resistance can actively resist the totalitarian state that has overthrown the republic.

*ADMIN NOTE: Discussions of asymmetric warfare, 4th and 5th generation warfare, open source warfare or any of the military industrial complex’s attempts to reinvent the wheel of war is not welcome here. Man has been killing man since the dawn of time. The employment of unconventional means to do the same is not new. Understandably the ease of communication and rapid compilation of data across our society allows for various capabilities that hadn’t previously existed however don’t go acting all arm chair commando thinking you’ve discovered a new continent in the realm of war. Lind, McMaster, Hammes, Petraeus, Robb et al and their “concepts” drove modern western military forces into defeat (along with the willing perfumed prince’s) with their “new” COIN, Irregular Warfare, Asymmetric “doctrine”. It’s all bullshit and they have nothing on those that came before.

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