Welcome to the Front III


We’ve discussed establishing your staff. As a reminder you can find more in FM 101-5. We’re not going to spoon feed you anything here. You’re a rational, intelligent, capable individual and should have no issue educating yourself as to how to best establish your staff capability given the current situation in your local area. Once more understand; your staff exists to support your overall resistance movement including your underground, auxiliary and guerrilla elements. ALL elements are as equally important to the overall success of your mission.
You’ve obviously begun the hard work of getting your staff established so crack on and get it done. One item the liberty sphere needs to address is STANDARDS. It’s easier to quantify and qualify standards in regards to your guerrilla (militia) units as every action they execute is governed by a standard. It is more difficult to quantify standards when dealing with your underground and auxiliary personnel, in some cases, though they must also abide by various standards. We will discuss those standards more at a later date.
You will need to establish standards that are understandable, achievable and relevant to the mission at hand. A variety of standards will need to be established to include but not limited to; marksmanship standards, PT standards, standards in regards to operational and technical proficiencies in addition to standards of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Tactical SOP’S across the various guerrilla units should also be established including but not limited to; hand and arm signals, movement, kit selection and use, “actions on”, and everything else you can read about in FM 7-8.
Establishment of Standards and TACSOP’S within the guerrilla unit are a necessity for a variety of reasons that should be readily apparent. At the current time you are a disparate movement that needs to achieve cohesion on a variety of fronts should you wish to have any effect now and in the future.
Keep two things in mind as you prepare your standards and TACSOP’S;
– More than likely you will be required to “conduct a military mission without a military signature”. In later phases of the war this will become less of an issue. Now and into the near future it is an issue and you need to contemplate that statement.
– Mastery of the basics. I don’t care how high speed and low drag you think you are “mastery of the basics” is what you need to concentrate on. Practice makes permanent and you build mastery via repetition of the basics. Keep it simple stupid. I believe we all know this term. It is necessary that you put it into practice.
You are involved in a multi-front war. It is political, it is kinetic, it is psychological, it is cultural and it is deadly. You must fight on all fronts. If you wish to be effective and achieve measurable results across your battle space you will do the hard work now. If you fail to do so the opposition is going to mount your head on a pike as an example to the rest of the herd. The political, cultural, social and other civil realms are key terrain that you can NOT afford to lose to the enemy. I think we all understand the importance of human terrain and that is where the auxiliary and underground elements must excel. Master the moral domain of war with your forces and you will breed resiliency and endurance across your movement. Fail to do so and in the end you will be defeated.

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