Do you honestly believe we live in a republic governed by the rule of law? Are you that ignorant? Need I remind you; you are, in the minds of those who wish to and in fact do rule you, a people meant to be governed?
So far as the federal Leviathan is concerned you’re no more than chattel property. Your every desire and right to “life, liberty, and property” is endowed by whom? Other mere men? No? Can you name for me one unalienable right, bestowed upon man by nature and nature’s god, that hasn’t been restricted by men?
You are not a free people. You may lie to yourself all you like however the fact remains; you are a slave. You have been for some time. You refuse to acknowledge this fact though we’ve long lived in a time when the government may do what it pleases while you the commoner may only do what you have permission to do.
And now we’ve entered a time and place where you, the individual, conduct any sort of resistance to Leviathan and you will be killed. You need to keep this fact focused in the front of your mind. Your normalcy bias will not allow you to though you must fight the inclination to believe that you are anything other than a slave.
Why are you surprised when a rancher is gunned down in cold blood on the side of a road for possessing the temerity to stand up to Leviathan? Why? Why are you surprised when other free men are sent to jail for doing the same? Do you think Leviathan is going to give you permission to resist its tyrannical rule? Is there some secret means of retaining and exerting your natural rights that we’re not aware of?
Why is it that those wishing to further the cause of liberty are hounded by Marxist jackals seeking to destroy the last, great hope of man on earth while the cultural Marxists at work destroying western civilization are given a pass when they “act out”?
If you believe in the natural right of man to life, liberty and property you are an enemy of the state. You are the most dangerous of enemies and you and all that you hold dear will be crushed and ground into oblivion.
The founders of the republic formerly known as “these United States” did what they could to ensure their progeny were established in a state of freedom previously unknown to man. They wrongly believed that men would be able to further the righteous cause of liberty and in short order we’ve reverted to type and have embraced our enslavement.
You continue to cling to false notions that the political process will right the wrongs of our enslavement. That we can reason our way to liberty with those that aren’t interested in reason or liberty. That the “system” will correct itself and the abrogations of liberty are a temporary “set back”. You continue to lie to yourself as you wait for THE ONE that will save you. No one will save you but you. No politician, no cultural icon, no religious leader. You and you alone are the means to your salvation.

I initially started to review and list actions taken during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations in order to demonstrate (in a recent time frame) how the federal Leviathan is a clear and present danger to the republic and our rightful liberty. I would require, at a minimum, hundreds of pages to point out the laws, policies, and other insurgent, revolutionary activities undertaken by our rulers as they continue to destroy our limited freedoms. If I were to include the actions undertaken by the soft handed, willfully ignorant electorate clamoring for their own demise I would need thousands of pages. No, I’ve neither time nor inclination to point out the crimes committed against our republic. If you can’t see that you exist within a totalitarian dictatorship then I don’t know what to tell you. It is a soft dictatorship for the time being so long as you go along to get along; get out of line and you’ll be dealt with by the Judas populating regime security forces.
Here we are America. You better embrace the reality of the situation. If you fail to do so you are assigning yourself and your progeny to the dustbin of history. If you refuse to reclaim that which is rightfully yours you will be remembered by future generations as the destroyers of a once proud, prosperous and free people. Nothing has been done to us that we haven’t allowed. Repeat after me; nothing has been done to us that we haven’t allowed. We are willful accomplices to our own destruction and we will reap what we’ve sewn.

Virgil sends…..

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4 thoughts on “Reality”

  1. Let’s see here what all this god claims authority over; where you can go and how you will get there, what is correct to say, when you will submit, what property you shall rent from it, what you may build, what you can purchase, whom may be your mate, what you may eat, what you can’t know about what you eat, what you may sell, how much of your income you will keep, what your children will know, where your children will spend time, if men shall breath their first breath, who is and is not liable for the same action, who may defend themselves and who may not, what the temperature outside shall be, where and when you may pray to lesser gods, what business shall succeed or fail, where and how you shall have water, what you may leave (and how much) to your posterity, and on and on. There is nothing this god does not claim unto itself. There is nothing that it does not regulate, outlaw, or tax. It even has granted unto itself the authority to decide, without trial, which of the 7 billion of us shall live to see another day. It has many followers, true believers all. The worship of this god State, is the most dangerous religion in the history of mankind.

    1. Well said. It’s the greatest lie; “ye can be as gods” I reckon we could paraphrase a bit and say “some gods are more equal than others” in the eyes of the god-state. It’s amusing and deadly how those who have rejected nature and natures god continue to try and imitate that which they rejected. Humans…infinitely ignorant though dangerous in large numbers.

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