Feel the boot

There are those that believe American’s are meant to be ruled. I believe they have forgotten the stock from which we came. This continent wasn’t settled by the soft handed or the inept. It wasn’t settled by those looking for a handout or to be taken care of by the nanny. No, we aren’t meant to be ruled however a good portion of the citizenry wants us to live down to that expectation.
We’re past the why. We’ve entered the how, when and what. We know who and where. You rubes in fly over country clinging to your bibles, guns and religion are a problem. Your self-appointed betters in the anointed ruling class along with their fellow travelers, who by and large enjoy the fruits of your labor while they suckle at the government tit on the federal plantation are going to deal with you one way or the other.
You are a people to be ridiculed and scorned. If too problematic you’ll be murdered at the point of government gun or shackled for life in an undisclosed location.
You are a hated people. Embrace that concept and make no mistake; you are an impediment to progress and vast resources will be utilized to subdue you and ultimately eliminate you and all you hold dear.
Appeal to the masses all you like. You are a threat to them and their chosen way of life. There are no hearts and minds to which you can appeal. No common ground, no accommodation that can be achieved. Appeasement in this day and age results only in your carcass being picked over like carrion by those who will slaughter you with reckless abandon.
How many more of your unalienable rights are you willing to compromise away in the hope that appeasement will buy the time needed to negotiate for that which is nonnegotiable? Are your inherent, natural and pre-existing rights negotiable? Does the animal kingdom seek permission from itself to exert its nature? Are you so incapable, inept and ignorant as to allow another mere human to dictate your right to life, liberty and property?
The boot is upon your neck. You’ve limited time to remove it or your life and all that you hold dear will be suffocated into oblivion. You won’t even be a footnote in future history books as your very existence will be erased for all time.

Virgil sends…..


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3 thoughts on “Feel the boot”

  1. Virgil, speaks the truth!

    In the words from an author enjoyed by flyover country, Louis L’Amour, he said it in fewer words
    Root Hog or Die.

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