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Obama chips in

Vacation time for President Obama, the big wow is- he chips in from just off the green for a birdie.
I saw the headline earlier but didn’t read the story. When I hit the goog for the link to his chip in, I could hardly find the story from his masterful finish on the links in Hawaii. But, I found plenty about how Obama-care has provisions for RFID chips to be implanted. Of course it’s all been de-bunked, but I’d watch out when the nurse brings out the needle large enough for a piece of rice.



YOU want to be a Rebel?


America, you have become dull. Dull in your philosophy, mind, body and spirit. You are dull in your pursuits, your conversations, your thoughts, your pursuit of a greater meaning and lastly in your pursuit of excellence.
You are the instant gratification nation. You have lost your grounding. The spirit of rugged individualism and resiliency while not completely dead lies dormant in your heart. Your soul has been exchanged for Lord knows what? Pick a distraction. Plenty abound and your appetite for shallowness, low brow pursuits and immediate gratification is insatiable. Righteous pride has been set aside and replaced with acquiescence. Acquiescence to every whimsical fancy, every shallow desire and you wonder why we have the leaders we have. Righteous anger has been replaced with tolerance. A tolerance born of the weak, born of those who want to make right that which can never be, and a tolerance that demands you shed your rational self interest in pursuit of the latest fad even if it mean your self destruction.
America, you have forgotten your exceptionalism. You have not only forgotten it, you have killed it. You stand in awe and wonder as you are repeatedly told that you are not exceptional. Misty eyed, doe like in your acceptance of this drivel you gasp and beat your chest. Why yes, we are not exceptional. We have done much damage to the world. You weep and gnash your teeth at the injustice of it all. Oh how low have we become. What great wrongs we have done to the world. We must level the playing field and right these tremendous wrongs.
You have surrendered yourselves to the equity adjusters. You have torn asunder the foundation that your fathers built. You have run rampant like spoiled children over the morals that your mothers have instilled within you. Filled with faux sophistication and the faux appearance of intellectualism you murder the inner voice that screams out at you. You ignore it though it gnaws at you and instinctively you know something is wrong though you willfully refuse to acknowledge what that something is. It is guilt, shame and a lasting sorrow that will not leave you due to your purposeful self destruction.
No one is going to destroy you but you. There is no need to worry about economic chaos, about the loss of your freedom and your associated pursuits of life, liberty, and property. YOU have wrought your self destruction. Bleat all you like, lie to yourself that you are the exception. Sit and fantasize as to how you and you alone are the last individual, the last man standing, and the one who will survive while the sheep are led to the slaughter. You are wrong.
There is still time America. There is time for you to stand, to remember and seize upon your birthright. Remember the lessons of your fathers; remember the love of your mothers. Remember what it is to be exceptional and to live for larger purposes other than the purposes of self gratification, self aggrandizement and ultimately self destruction.
When you are ready to seize your liberty and emancipate yourself you will begin a long journey home. You’ll be welcome here with us as a fellow REBEL though until then you are no more than the hollow men and we’ve no use for you.

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without color,
Paralyzed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
Remember us — if at all — not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.

-T.S. Eliot

So, are you going to be a man? or a caricature of one?

Virgil sends……

(re-posted from the original and massively popular Washington Rebel)

Climageddon, Oh my

Just a word I’m tossing out there.
I watched the President on the Bear Grylls show last night. It was time wasted I know. The normal exciting scenarios that Bear puts his guests through were non-existent. Mr Obama’s major challenge was to eat a piece of cooked salmon. (Oh, and operate a smart phone to take a selfie.) Otherwise it was an outdoor bro-mance, highlighting two popular dudes walking up to the drippy edge of a glacier.
I was hoping that they’d do something exciting. Dang, just a bunch of talk about how great the president is at taking a tough stand on sunny weather. And, I think he fears his wife more than a Grizzly bear.


Mother Earth has a way of hitting reset every so often, so no matter how much we spend to eliminate greenhouse gasses, or stop drilling for fossil fuels, aren’t we just a speck in the big picture?  Funny how the scientists want us to all believe in the Big Bang but are trying to silence any human for disagreeing with them on how we can save the planet by our actions in the future.

70 million spent by the Obama’s for vacation travel as the first couple so far.  A million more spent flying to Paris and back for the big climate saving conference. But I’m sure the amount of carbon he’s produced throughout all his 8 years of presidential travel hasn’t come even close to what Mt.St. Helens blew out on May 18, 1980.  Or from his ol home,  the unrepentant carbon producer, Kīlauea.

Earthquakes, Asteroids, Climageddon, Oh my.

Stay warm, or stay cool  – whatever the weather – in your speck on this planet.



‘Tis good to be back…..

for us and the readers. For Leviathan not so much….

Trigger Warning! There are no safe spaces here. Open season and no bag limit…..

News of Note:

Limbaugh says “disband the Republican Party” I think I would have said dismember though that’s probably extreme. I’d say the same for the Democratic Party. Won’t be long now and the parties won’t matter. All those vermin are isolated from reality. What they aren’t isolated from is the consequences of their reality or republican citizens that remember their heritage.

Man once again proves his audacity is boundless as is his ignorance. Blah, blah, blah..some agreement in France. Man is going to control this planet one way or the other. Just ask him! I mean…they signed an agreement. Once again worshiping the created as opposed to the creator. The big lie at work. Ye can be as gods. Let me know how that works out for you!

The religion of peace is acting out again. Time outs don’t seem to work. For years the nanny has been saying we can’t kill our way out of the “Islamic problem”. Virgil says “let’s give it a try”.

Well. I reckon that’s a good first stab. Remember; “I come not with peace but with a sword”

and Librarians….


Virgil sends…….