Alea iacta est

LaVoy Finicum was murdered in the snow. He was murdered by the federal Leviathan, aided and abetted by their state and local sycophants, for possessing the courage and temerity to exercise his free will in defiance of our would be rulers and their continued assault on the republic.
We are a republic hopelessly divided. We are not the people we were; not are we the people we were meant to be. We’ve long passed a crossroads in the republic so far as the immutable rights of man are concerned. Picking side’s time is long over. You are either with the statist and support your enslavement and eventual destruction or you are aligned with the forces of liberty. There is no middle ground. The great question of the day will be resolved by force of arms. Make no mistake. There will be blood. The die has long been cast though you will continue to lie to yourself. This is your normalcy bias kicking in along with a hefty dose of fear.
LaVoy Finicum is a hated man. He is hated by Leviathan and the apparatchik as he dared stand up to them. He is hated by the progressive as he wouldn’t assimilate into their brave new world. He is hated by some on the “right”, the “law and order” American, as he is a reflection of everything they are not. And he is hated by most others as his actions cause them to peer into the abyss and question? Could I stand? When my time comes will I stand firm?
Sadly, many of you will not stand firm. You’ve proven so as you embrace your nihilistic, self destruction at the hands of those who will rule you and your progeny like the kulaks you have allowed yourselves to become. You’ve rejected the founder’s republic in favor of security over liberty. You’ve sullied your birthright and have rejected your heritage. Freedom requires responsibility though you’ll have none of that. Leviathan will take care of us. Indeed he will….
Yes, there is much to be said about the execution of the operation in support of the Hammonds as well as the larger issue surrounding Leviathans control of large swaths of the republic. This will be covered in time however, understand; during the conduct of resistance and/or irregular warfare you must divorce your underground/political elements from your guerilla force. Your political elements must state an achievable end state clearly as well as the means by which they expect to achieve victory. An operation such as the seizure of the refugee is a multifaceted operation requiring skill and dexterity far outside of what the Bundy’s and their allies were equipped to execute. It saddens me to say this as an opportunity has been lost. You must learn the lessons or you will be delivering victory to the enemy. While I will question the execution of the seizure of the refuge I will not question the motives or the intestinal fortitude of our brothers. Those are our boys. In many cases men better than those masquerading as same slamming at their keyboards.
Someone had to be first. I’ve never been on a perfect op nor do I expect to ever partake in one. Mistakes will be made and we’ve moved into a realm where the mistakes will cost lives. It is the nature of the beast. I respect the fortitude of those involved though I question their capabilities and capacities which is part and process of the operational process (after action review).
Learn your lessons well. We have arrived at that time and place where you will be tested. There will be no second place winners.
In the meantime I would suggest the following:
• Collect, analyze for accuracy and relevance, and disseminate all intelligence collected prior, during and post the operation. What is your PIR? OIR?
• Analyze TLP’S utilized, if any, and AAR for effectiveness
• Analyze friendly and enemy TTP’S and disseminate as required
• Establish your task organization(s) allowing for your political, information operation, psy-op and PIO functions. Review the Malheur Operation in regards to its failure/success across the IO spectrum
• Your guerrillas support the political. AAR Malheur- was this the case?
• How will you communicate at the strategic, operational and tactical level?
• How will you liaise with friendly supporting elements?
• What were the second and third order effects of the operation? How will they impact future planning/operations? Were they contemplated during the conduct of the operation?
• Given the circumstances with the local community how would/could you influence the operation?
• Review IPB/OPE tasks
And I could continue. It is imperative that you take the time and review the operation as it was so as to allow for future success. If you refuse to do the hard work now you will pay later and LaVoy Finicum will have died for nothing.
Are you? Are you going to stand?
Are you? Are you going to do the hard work?
Are you? Are you going to harden your heart for what’s arrived at your door?
Are you? Are you going to make LaVoy’s murder count for something?
Are you? Are you full of enough love to cast yourself upon the gears?
Playtime is over boys and girls. Welcome to the front. Put your helmet on. No one said it was going to be easy.
Alea iacta est
Virgil sends……

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