Welcome to the Front IV


We’ve discussed establishing your staff and some ancillary activities including establishing standards, TACSOP’S, and other organizational priorities.
Upon establishing the staff you should prioritize your work based upon the situation across your area command. Understanding that resistance warfare is; “activities conducted to disrupt, overthrow, oppose, and/or withstand an occupying power”. You will operate across the political, cultural, social and military domains. Your staff must be organized and equipped with personnel who understand how to utilize locally available and accessible elements of power to achieve the envisioned end state of your resistance forces.
The Underground

The underground is a cellular organization within the irregular movement that is responsible for
subversion, sabotage, intelligence collection, and other compartmentalized activities. Most underground operations are required to take place in and around population centers. As such, the underground must have the ability to conduct operations in areas that are usually inaccessible to the guerrillas, such as areas under government military control. Underground members often fill leadership positions, overseeing specific functions that auxiliary workers carry out. The underground and auxiliary—although technically separate units—are, in reality, loosely connected elements that provide coordinated capabilities for the irregular movement. The key distinction between them is that the underground is the element of the irregular organization that operates in areas denied to the guerrilla force. Specific functions of the underground and auxiliary include the following:

– Propaganda and IO
– Espionage
– Intelligence Gathering/Counter Intelligence
– Sabotage
– Coordinated support to Guerrilla Forces via auxiliary element: Medical, Engineering, Local Security, Procurement and Production of end use items
– Shadow Government
– Leadership of Auxiliary Elements

Prior to establishing your guerrilla forces you must establish the means of providing support to the Guerrilla force. Additionally it is imperative that you remain engaged within the political, cultural and social spheres allowing you to “fight” in and among those domains.
The Auxiliary

The auxiliary is the primary support element of the irregular organization whose organization and operations are clandestine in nature and whose members do not openly indicate their sympathy or involvement with the irregular movement. This support enables the guerrilla force—and often the underground—to survive and function. This support can take the form of logistics, labor, or intelligence.

Many functions of the auxiliary and underground overlap, auxiliaries are more likely in rural environments where the relative distance and dispersion of adversary forces permit operations by guerrilla or other armed irregular forces. Members of the auxiliary are sometimes characterized as “part-time members” of the irregular organization, continuing to participate in the life of their community—to all appearances concerned only with their normal occupations—and at the same time engaging in irregular operations to varying degrees. Local cell or element leaders organize and coordinate all efforts, which the area or sector command directs. These various elements may serve as support cells within compartmentalized support networks. Specific functions of the auxiliary include:
– Logistics and Logistics Management
– Localized Home Guard/Early Warning/Augmentation to Guerrilla units
– Intelligence Gathering
– Conducting CI
– Recruitment of Personnel/Personnel Management
– Safe House Management and other underground infrastructure
– Training Cadre
The Guerrilla Force
Guerrilla forces are the paramilitary arm of the resistance movement. Organized along military lines they provide the resistance with the capability to wage war. The guerrilla force should be an agile force concentrating on offensive operations. Raids, reconnaissance and ambush are the bread and butter of your guerrilla elements. The guerrilla force is generally rural based however in today’s environment they should be trained and prepared to conduct urban operations.
By now you have been provided enough information to have begun establishing your Area Command, staff elements and subordinate support apparatus. Going forward we will utilize historical vignettes and modern examples as to how a modern day American based resistance can actively resist the totalitarian state that has overthrown the republic.

*ADMIN NOTE: Discussions of asymmetric warfare, 4th and 5th generation warfare, open source warfare or any of the military industrial complex’s attempts to reinvent the wheel of war is not welcome here. Man has been killing man since the dawn of time. The employment of unconventional means to do the same is not new. Understandably the ease of communication and rapid compilation of data across our society allows for various capabilities that hadn’t previously existed however don’t go acting all arm chair commando thinking you’ve discovered a new continent in the realm of war. Lind, McMaster, Hammes, Petraeus, Robb et al and their “concepts” drove modern western military forces into defeat (along with the willing perfumed prince’s) with their “new” COIN, Irregular Warfare, Asymmetric “doctrine”. It’s all bullshit and they have nothing on those that came before.

For additional education we recommend you read these sites:

Brush Beater

Dan Morgan


John Mosby

Weapons Man


Rangers, SF, Para-Reg, Grunts…what’s not to love. Need a good medical resource? Sound off if you have one……

Virgil Sends….


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Aunt Jenny Will Ride Again


Many of the readers of The Reb will know the story of Aunt Jenny Johnson. It’s a fine example of early America and the citizens that once populated this proud land. It also demonstrates that we were settled by a rebellious people and that is something that Leviathan and its regime security forces should keep in mind. We’re currently playing whack a mole with Leviathan and its associated internal security forces and like most insurgencies over time it will get personal. I don’t know how many “green zones” Leviathan plans on building to protect itself and its apparatchik though I do know they won’t be able to build enough. You boys looking to play soldier out among the homeland ought to keep this in mind. You’ll be living among those you’re attempting to oppress. Keep that in mind when you leave for work in the morning or put your head down at night. We’re just being neighborly and letting you know you should consider these thoughts. Americans are slow to anger though there will come a time…
When the War Between the States came to her door in late 1863, Louisa Elizabeth Jane Bates Brooks was 37 years old. A beautiful, blue-eyed half-Cherokee from Walker County, Alabama, she had married Willis Brooks, a saddler and boot maker from Kentucky when she was 14 and he was 35. Willis called her “Jenny.” Together they raised a large family – eight kids—and ran a roadhouse – sort of a combination tavern and inn – on the Byler Road in southwest Lawrence County. The mountain folk of Alabama had never been keen on secession, looking on it as “a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight” and most tried at first to just stay out of the way and remain neutral. But the Confederacy enacted a draft law and a “tax-in-kind” law. The first made it mandatory for young white southerners to serve in the Confederate army and the second demanded that any poor folks who could not afford to pay their taxes in hard cash had to give up part of their crops or their farm animals to support the war. To enforce these laws, the Confederate “Home Guard” was mobilized to seek out draft dodgers (called “outliers” or “mossbacks”) and to seize the war levy from the poor farmers who lived in the hills. The farmers viewed this as theft of food from their children’s mouths. They hardly had enough to eat in the best of times to get through the winter and now the “Secesh” wanted them to starve their children to feed Jeff Davis’ army. These laws ensured that the war would come to the mountains of Alabama. Now John Brooks was about 17 when the Home Guard road up to the Byler Road inn. The Home Guard was made up of men who were too old, too young, or had medical conditions that prevented them from joining the army. There also were men who were exempted by virtue of the fact that they had 20 or more slaves. This loophole was for rich planters and was deeply resented by the poor white farmers who made up the bulk of the Confederate army and led to many desertions. The hills around the Brooks’ tavern were in fact full of deserters and draft dodgers by late 1863. Even more men had run off to join the 1st Alabama Union Cavalry Regiment, or to become scouts and spies for the Union Army. So many stories have grown up around the legend of Aunt Jenny that we don’t know for sure what the Home Guard patrol of 8 men had in mind when they stopped at the Brooks’ place. Even the date is a bit hazy. It was probably late 1863 but could have been early 1864. They might have been looking to draft young John Brooks or they might have wanted to punish Willis Brooks for aiding Union men and Confederate deserters who were hiding all through the hills of north Alabama. What is certain is that, at gunpoint, 57 year old Willis Brooks was seized, bound and tortured. The Home Guard put a noose around Willis’ neck and started to hang him from the limb of a tree in his own front yard. Jenny and the children, including Angeline (15), Mack (13), Amanda (11), Willis Jr. (9), Donner, a 7-year-old girl and Gainum (3) could only watch in horror lest they too be killed. Her youngest son Henry was an infant, still nursing at her breast. When John burst from the house to save his father, he was shot dead by the Home Guard. Then they shot Willis Brooks, Sr. as he hung there and rode away. Now of all the versions of the legend of Aunt Jenny Brooks that are told, this much is certain. Jenny Brooks lowered her husband’s body out of the tree, laid him next to their oldest son and gathered all the children around. Placing the boys’ hands in the sticky blood on their father’s chest –even tiny Henry’s, Jenny made them swear a “blood oath” that they would never rest until all eight of those killers were dead. Later, Jenny would proudly say that she “wasted many a keg of powder teachin’ my boys how to shoot!” The feud that started with the killing of Jenny’s husband and oldest son in 1863 lasted forty years. Jenny and her second son Mack got the first Home Guard, the leader, in early 1864 when they shot him from his horse shortly after he left his house. Jenny made Mack help her drag the body into the woods, where she cut off his head, but it in a burlap sack and carried it home. There, she threw it in a large boiling pot used to make lye soap and scooped and scrubbed the viscera away until she had a nice clean skull, minus the jawbone. This she used as a soap dish for the rest of her life. Her boys, brought up with the sole purpose in life of being their father and brother’s avenging angels became deadly expert shooters and fairly competent killers. The war, like all wars, eventually ended. The feud did not. While Jenny kept track by making notches on a hickory stick, her boys sought out and killed seven of the eight Confederate Home Guards and another twelve or thirteen friends or relatives of the “Secesh” who got in the way of the Brooks’ bullets. The eighth literally disappeared off the face of the earth when he realized he was being stalked by the Brooks and their brother-in-law Sam Baker (who soon was well known as a stone-cold killer). Rumor said that he too was actually killed, but in her old age (by then known by the honorific title of “Aunt’) Jenny never claimed him, saying as she waved the hickory stick, “Seven ov’um have been got!”Of her sons and sons-in-law who joined the feud, only Henry survived the bloodletting and he was himself shot dead in early 1920 by a large posse from nearby Winston County while pursuing an age-old mountain tradition of making moonshine. Heavily outnumbered, he managed to get off six or seven shots before he was hit twelve times. It still took Henry Brooks fifteen minutes to die. The “revenooers” also managed to kill his horse. Aunt Jenny was always proud of her sons, saying to whoever came visiting (and many people did come visiting in her last years — they say no one was elected on the Republican ticket in Winston County unless Aunt Jenny approved of him): “They all died like men, with their boots on!” She outlived them all, passing away in her bed at the age of 98 on March 29, 1924. She was known as a “good Christian woman” who did many good deeds for her fellow mountain folk, often handing out much needed cash to the poor. A shopkeeper once asked her why she kept so much money on her, and she replied rather pointedly, “I pay myself $20 a week just to tend to my own business.” As she lay dying, surrounded by her many friends and kinfolk, her pastor asked if there was anything else they could do for her before she crossed over. Aunt Jenny paused, and then said weakly, “I’d like to wash my hands.” And so they brought a pan of water and Aunt Jenny’s soap dish that she had made back in 1864. One last time, she washed her hands in that murderer’s skull. When her hands were dry, she closed her eyes, and went to meet her Maker.

And legend has it that if you go to the cemetery next to hear house at night and sit there with no lights you can see a green glowing light coming closer to you and if you listen real close you can hear her and and her kids screaming at you to get out or you’ll be next.
You never know Leviathan. You could be next……

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Do you honestly believe we live in a republic governed by the rule of law? Are you that ignorant? Need I remind you; you are, in the minds of those who wish to and in fact do rule you, a people meant to be governed?
So far as the federal Leviathan is concerned you’re no more than chattel property. Your every desire and right to “life, liberty, and property” is endowed by whom? Other mere men? No? Can you name for me one unalienable right, bestowed upon man by nature and nature’s god, that hasn’t been restricted by men?
You are not a free people. You may lie to yourself all you like however the fact remains; you are a slave. You have been for some time. You refuse to acknowledge this fact though we’ve long lived in a time when the government may do what it pleases while you the commoner may only do what you have permission to do.
And now we’ve entered a time and place where you, the individual, conduct any sort of resistance to Leviathan and you will be killed. You need to keep this fact focused in the front of your mind. Your normalcy bias will not allow you to though you must fight the inclination to believe that you are anything other than a slave.
Why are you surprised when a rancher is gunned down in cold blood on the side of a road for possessing the temerity to stand up to Leviathan? Why? Why are you surprised when other free men are sent to jail for doing the same? Do you think Leviathan is going to give you permission to resist its tyrannical rule? Is there some secret means of retaining and exerting your natural rights that we’re not aware of?
Why is it that those wishing to further the cause of liberty are hounded by Marxist jackals seeking to destroy the last, great hope of man on earth while the cultural Marxists at work destroying western civilization are given a pass when they “act out”?
If you believe in the natural right of man to life, liberty and property you are an enemy of the state. You are the most dangerous of enemies and you and all that you hold dear will be crushed and ground into oblivion.
The founders of the republic formerly known as “these United States” did what they could to ensure their progeny were established in a state of freedom previously unknown to man. They wrongly believed that men would be able to further the righteous cause of liberty and in short order we’ve reverted to type and have embraced our enslavement.
You continue to cling to false notions that the political process will right the wrongs of our enslavement. That we can reason our way to liberty with those that aren’t interested in reason or liberty. That the “system” will correct itself and the abrogations of liberty are a temporary “set back”. You continue to lie to yourself as you wait for THE ONE that will save you. No one will save you but you. No politician, no cultural icon, no religious leader. You and you alone are the means to your salvation.

I initially started to review and list actions taken during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations in order to demonstrate (in a recent time frame) how the federal Leviathan is a clear and present danger to the republic and our rightful liberty. I would require, at a minimum, hundreds of pages to point out the laws, policies, and other insurgent, revolutionary activities undertaken by our rulers as they continue to destroy our limited freedoms. If I were to include the actions undertaken by the soft handed, willfully ignorant electorate clamoring for their own demise I would need thousands of pages. No, I’ve neither time nor inclination to point out the crimes committed against our republic. If you can’t see that you exist within a totalitarian dictatorship then I don’t know what to tell you. It is a soft dictatorship for the time being so long as you go along to get along; get out of line and you’ll be dealt with by the Judas populating regime security forces.
Here we are America. You better embrace the reality of the situation. If you fail to do so you are assigning yourself and your progeny to the dustbin of history. If you refuse to reclaim that which is rightfully yours you will be remembered by future generations as the destroyers of a once proud, prosperous and free people. Nothing has been done to us that we haven’t allowed. Repeat after me; nothing has been done to us that we haven’t allowed. We are willful accomplices to our own destruction and we will reap what we’ve sewn.

Virgil sends…..

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Welcome to the Front III


We’ve discussed establishing your staff. As a reminder you can find more in FM 101-5. We’re not going to spoon feed you anything here. You’re a rational, intelligent, capable individual and should have no issue educating yourself as to how to best establish your staff capability given the current situation in your local area. Once more understand; your staff exists to support your overall resistance movement including your underground, auxiliary and guerrilla elements. ALL elements are as equally important to the overall success of your mission.
You’ve obviously begun the hard work of getting your staff established so crack on and get it done. One item the liberty sphere needs to address is STANDARDS. It’s easier to quantify and qualify standards in regards to your guerrilla (militia) units as every action they execute is governed by a standard. It is more difficult to quantify standards when dealing with your underground and auxiliary personnel, in some cases, though they must also abide by various standards. We will discuss those standards more at a later date.
You will need to establish standards that are understandable, achievable and relevant to the mission at hand. A variety of standards will need to be established to include but not limited to; marksmanship standards, PT standards, standards in regards to operational and technical proficiencies in addition to standards of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Tactical SOP’S across the various guerrilla units should also be established including but not limited to; hand and arm signals, movement, kit selection and use, “actions on”, and everything else you can read about in FM 7-8.
Establishment of Standards and TACSOP’S within the guerrilla unit are a necessity for a variety of reasons that should be readily apparent. At the current time you are a disparate movement that needs to achieve cohesion on a variety of fronts should you wish to have any effect now and in the future.
Keep two things in mind as you prepare your standards and TACSOP’S;
– More than likely you will be required to “conduct a military mission without a military signature”. In later phases of the war this will become less of an issue. Now and into the near future it is an issue and you need to contemplate that statement.
– Mastery of the basics. I don’t care how high speed and low drag you think you are “mastery of the basics” is what you need to concentrate on. Practice makes permanent and you build mastery via repetition of the basics. Keep it simple stupid. I believe we all know this term. It is necessary that you put it into practice.
You are involved in a multi-front war. It is political, it is kinetic, it is psychological, it is cultural and it is deadly. You must fight on all fronts. If you wish to be effective and achieve measurable results across your battle space you will do the hard work now. If you fail to do so the opposition is going to mount your head on a pike as an example to the rest of the herd. The political, cultural, social and other civil realms are key terrain that you can NOT afford to lose to the enemy. I think we all understand the importance of human terrain and that is where the auxiliary and underground elements must excel. Master the moral domain of war with your forces and you will breed resiliency and endurance across your movement. Fail to do so and in the end you will be defeated.

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Previously we were discussing the importance of organizing a staff in order to support the establishment of your “Area Command” and related UWOA (Unconventional Warfare Operational Area). Today we will discuss the components of the staff and how they support your Auxiliary, Underground, and Guerrilla elements.
Prior to that discussion and in light of the various debates continuing to take place across the “liberty sphere” the authors would like to state; Like it or not you are going to have to create an organization at the national, state and local level. We understand how difficult it is to get liberty proponents to agree too much of anything and/or trust such an organization. It’s difficult even when you show up on the scene with bags of cash and oodles of goodies lovingly provided by the U.S. taxpayer as well as the assurance that air strikes are on the way. Having said that you need not provide for a capability or capacity that is “in command” of anything; you simply provide a framework from which individual organizations can work together towards common goals. This as of yet created coalition is a framework whereby your locally organized capabilities can be fielded to support a variety of activities when said activities fall within pre-agreed, supportable actions. You can influence though not command. This organization is an “influencer” and condition setter. If you fail to begin to organize you will fail across the sphere of resistance in the now as well as in the future. We’re not going to debate this. We’ve done this a few times before in places where failure resulted in the whole sale slaughter of a people. You’re on the menu. Pay me now or pay me later. You will pay. More to follow on how this concept can work in reality in future posts.
There is plenty of existing work available in regards to the staff and its staff functions. We will not regurgitate here. One key item to keep in mind is that your initial staff organization is established in order to support Auxiliary, Underground, and Guerrilla forces. It is NOT established to support the guerrilla forces exclusively.
The three components of the insurgency do not necessarily represent three distinct groups or units; they more accurately describe three types of individuals within the organization. All three components provide different functions that support the overall goals of the organization. The size of the components will vary according to the unique conditions present in each UWOA. For example, in urban environments the ratio of underground and auxiliary personnel to guerrillas may be much higher than is true in rural environments.

The area command staff exists to support the resistance movement’s decision making process and direct/support the successful execution of resistance force operations. Yes, we reformatted the staff mission statement to meet current requirements.

Staff’s generally consist of the following:

S1: Personnel. In the civilian world this is your human resources director. For your purposes the S1 will support the wider resistance force via recruitment programs, identification of resistance forces personnel requirements, placement of personnel into units/roles, and other administrative functions.

S2: intelligence. Collection, analysis, dissemination of information. CI and OPSEC, building of enemy ORBAT, IO support, Psy-Ops Support, and other intelligence related functions.

S3: Operations. Responsible for operational planning, training, establishing unit METL, coordinate support required to execute operations with fellow staff officers.

S4: Logistics. Coordinates all aspects of unit logistics requirements. Cache programs, management of unit supply, maintenance programs.

S5: Civil Military Operations. In regards to resistance staff responsible for resistance” civil affairs” in support of the local civilian population. At times also serves as the liaison element to other units.

S6: Communications. Responsible for establishing unit communications capabilities, capacities and TTP’S. Your Public Information Officer or press liaison can fall within S6 or S1 or S2.

These are the core staff position however they can be built out such as the inclusion of a unit S3 (AIR) or S7 Training or S8 Finance. Additional, specialist support personnel can be assigned to the staff or may be part of subordinate units dependent on how you structure the Area Command. Medical Officer, Media Relations/PIO, Training Cadre, Unit Engineer, Political Cadre and/or other specialist support roles required.

The staff will work together to support the wider objectives of the resistance movement. The end user can utilize FM 101-5 in order to better educate themselves as to staff functions, roles and responsibilities. Design your staff so that it works given your situation and available personnel. Your staff is ACCOUNTABLE for mission failure or success.

Lastly, we would recommend establishing a Chief of Staff as this allows for the coordination of staff assignments in addition to giving the resistance unit a measure of accountability/control as to staff functionality/success.

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Feel the boot

There are those that believe American’s are meant to be ruled. I believe they have forgotten the stock from which we came. This continent wasn’t settled by the soft handed or the inept. It wasn’t settled by those looking for a handout or to be taken care of by the nanny. No, we aren’t meant to be ruled however a good portion of the citizenry wants us to live down to that expectation.
We’re past the why. We’ve entered the how, when and what. We know who and where. You rubes in fly over country clinging to your bibles, guns and religion are a problem. Your self-appointed betters in the anointed ruling class along with their fellow travelers, who by and large enjoy the fruits of your labor while they suckle at the government tit on the federal plantation are going to deal with you one way or the other.
You are a people to be ridiculed and scorned. If too problematic you’ll be murdered at the point of government gun or shackled for life in an undisclosed location.
You are a hated people. Embrace that concept and make no mistake; you are an impediment to progress and vast resources will be utilized to subdue you and ultimately eliminate you and all you hold dear.
Appeal to the masses all you like. You are a threat to them and their chosen way of life. There are no hearts and minds to which you can appeal. No common ground, no accommodation that can be achieved. Appeasement in this day and age results only in your carcass being picked over like carrion by those who will slaughter you with reckless abandon.
How many more of your unalienable rights are you willing to compromise away in the hope that appeasement will buy the time needed to negotiate for that which is nonnegotiable? Are your inherent, natural and pre-existing rights negotiable? Does the animal kingdom seek permission from itself to exert its nature? Are you so incapable, inept and ignorant as to allow another mere human to dictate your right to life, liberty and property?
The boot is upon your neck. You’ve limited time to remove it or your life and all that you hold dear will be suffocated into oblivion. You won’t even be a footnote in future history books as your very existence will be erased for all time.

Virgil sends…..


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welcome to the front…

We’ve discussed the importance of the after action review process in regards to the Malheur occupation as its imperative, given the current state of play, that you continue your professional development in regards to resistance movements. As Pete over at WRSA has been saying; “FUSA is not at peace. Conduct yourselves accordingly”.
Prior to continuing the conversation you have to understand; at the current time you are in what we’ll call- the capability and capacity building phase. All you can do is provide a construct allowing you to influence and when necessary or possible support others seeking liberty in the face of the tyrannical government of occupation. We’re all victims of our own experiences and my experience has been that at the current time no one is in position of “command” in regards to the disparate elements that make up what we’ll loosely call the “liberty movement”. Command will come later under various circumstances however it will largely be earned by a demonstration of competence and capability.
There are three elements that comprise a resistance movement; auxiliary, underground and guerrilla force. These elements are designed to be:
• Self-sufficient and self-contained

• Capable of centralized command but decentralized execution

• Redundant, in the event that the enemy destroys a portion of the element

The insurgency support mechanisms need to remain hidden in order to survive. For this reason, they remain partially compartmentalized, dispersed, and fluid. The organization must constantly adapt to the changing security environment and avoid establishing predictable patterns. Elements are organized—not according to any template—based upon the needs of the region.

The overall insurgent organization or resistance group is not referred to as a military unit; rather, the element is titled an “area command.” This label indicates the focus of organization upon an area or region and—unlike traditional military units—is not based upon a specific number of personnel.

You first and most crucial mission is to organize a staff that will support the establishment of the Area Command and its subordinate elements. It is imperative that you establish your staff at the current time if you haven’t done so. Start with a staff organization similar to what you would find in a conventional military organization as some of you will have experience in that realm and/or will be able to find readily available material to support establishing your staff’s task organization/functional areas. Later if you are able to grow your resistance forces you’ll have subordinate staff’s within your area command called sector commands.
The area command is not a separate physical node like the three standard components of the
insurgency. The area command is instead integrated throughout these components at
all levels of the irregular organization. The area command is made up from the leadership cells of the underground, auxiliary, and guerrillas.

Your initial staff element will be responsible for establishing your underground, auxiliary and guerrilla elements. The individuals comprising your staff should have a variety of skill sets as you are not solely focused on the guerrilla force. Your mission is to establish initial capabilities and capacities in regards to your shadow government, intelligence functions, IO and Psy-Ops, civil affairs, communications (internal/external), training, logistics support and other areas of expertise that should be mission driven. Yes, you will support your guerrilla force however that is not your sole focus.

The Malheur situation is instructive in that self synchronizing individuals took to the field in order to stick their thumb in the eye of leviathan. They had a very loose construct so far as their “mission” was concerned. From what we can gather the mission was:

• Secure the Hammonds and prevent them from serving the government of occupations imposed tyrannical prison sentence
• Seize and liberate a government of occupation facility in order to utilize it as a base of operation for follow on IO and educational opportunities
• Disperse government of occupation security and regulatory forces from within the environs of the Malheur wildlife refuge while concurrently returning government of occupation held land in Harney county to local control

Dear reader, these are admirable goals. Were the Bundy’s and their supporters configured to achieve their desired end state? Did their task organization support the mission? Had they coordinated with local auxiliary forces? Did they coordinate with local underground and guerrilla forces? Did they conduct IPB and OPE tasks prior to the mission in order to establish the conditions of success? Did they liaise with local resistance elements (if none existed prior to their mission-which they would have established had they conducted an area study-perhaps their mission should have been to establish resistance forces?) did they give consideration to the lengthy LOC’S, given their home terrain is located in Nevada, and how that would impact mission success?

As has been stated repeatedly “local, local, local” is your focus at the current time. Your understanding of terrain, both human and terrestrial, is an advantage and you must utilize every advantage available to you. Someone said “all politics are local” translate to “all insurgencies are local”. Concentrate on your local area, establish your staff and work towards establishing your underground, auxiliary and guerrilla forces.

We’ll return later with more in the meantime understand that you currently reside in occupied territory and that time is short. Leviathan is on the march.

Virgil sends…….

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Alea iacta est

LaVoy Finicum was murdered in the snow. He was murdered by the federal Leviathan, aided and abetted by their state and local sycophants, for possessing the courage and temerity to exercise his free will in defiance of our would be rulers and their continued assault on the republic.
We are a republic hopelessly divided. We are not the people we were; not are we the people we were meant to be. We’ve long passed a crossroads in the republic so far as the immutable rights of man are concerned. Picking side’s time is long over. You are either with the statist and support your enslavement and eventual destruction or you are aligned with the forces of liberty. There is no middle ground. The great question of the day will be resolved by force of arms. Make no mistake. There will be blood. The die has long been cast though you will continue to lie to yourself. This is your normalcy bias kicking in along with a hefty dose of fear.
LaVoy Finicum is a hated man. He is hated by Leviathan and the apparatchik as he dared stand up to them. He is hated by the progressive as he wouldn’t assimilate into their brave new world. He is hated by some on the “right”, the “law and order” American, as he is a reflection of everything they are not. And he is hated by most others as his actions cause them to peer into the abyss and question? Could I stand? When my time comes will I stand firm?
Sadly, many of you will not stand firm. You’ve proven so as you embrace your nihilistic, self destruction at the hands of those who will rule you and your progeny like the kulaks you have allowed yourselves to become. You’ve rejected the founder’s republic in favor of security over liberty. You’ve sullied your birthright and have rejected your heritage. Freedom requires responsibility though you’ll have none of that. Leviathan will take care of us. Indeed he will….
Yes, there is much to be said about the execution of the operation in support of the Hammonds as well as the larger issue surrounding Leviathans control of large swaths of the republic. This will be covered in time however, understand; during the conduct of resistance and/or irregular warfare you must divorce your underground/political elements from your guerilla force. Your political elements must state an achievable end state clearly as well as the means by which they expect to achieve victory. An operation such as the seizure of the refugee is a multifaceted operation requiring skill and dexterity far outside of what the Bundy’s and their allies were equipped to execute. It saddens me to say this as an opportunity has been lost. You must learn the lessons or you will be delivering victory to the enemy. While I will question the execution of the seizure of the refuge I will not question the motives or the intestinal fortitude of our brothers. Those are our boys. In many cases men better than those masquerading as same slamming at their keyboards.
Someone had to be first. I’ve never been on a perfect op nor do I expect to ever partake in one. Mistakes will be made and we’ve moved into a realm where the mistakes will cost lives. It is the nature of the beast. I respect the fortitude of those involved though I question their capabilities and capacities which is part and process of the operational process (after action review).
Learn your lessons well. We have arrived at that time and place where you will be tested. There will be no second place winners.
In the meantime I would suggest the following:
• Collect, analyze for accuracy and relevance, and disseminate all intelligence collected prior, during and post the operation. What is your PIR? OIR?
• Analyze TLP’S utilized, if any, and AAR for effectiveness
• Analyze friendly and enemy TTP’S and disseminate as required
• Establish your task organization(s) allowing for your political, information operation, psy-op and PIO functions. Review the Malheur Operation in regards to its failure/success across the IO spectrum
• Your guerrillas support the political. AAR Malheur- was this the case?
• How will you communicate at the strategic, operational and tactical level?
• How will you liaise with friendly supporting elements?
• What were the second and third order effects of the operation? How will they impact future planning/operations? Were they contemplated during the conduct of the operation?
• Given the circumstances with the local community how would/could you influence the operation?
• Review IPB/OPE tasks
And I could continue. It is imperative that you take the time and review the operation as it was so as to allow for future success. If you refuse to do the hard work now you will pay later and LaVoy Finicum will have died for nothing.
Are you? Are you going to stand?
Are you? Are you going to do the hard work?
Are you? Are you going to harden your heart for what’s arrived at your door?
Are you? Are you going to make LaVoy’s murder count for something?
Are you? Are you full of enough love to cast yourself upon the gears?
Playtime is over boys and girls. Welcome to the front. Put your helmet on. No one said it was going to be easy.
Alea iacta est
Virgil sends……

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Are you?

Virgil will be back with comments on the events surrounding the murder of LaVoy Finicum in the near future.

Rest easy pardner. We’ll take the reins from here.

Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

May God Bless the Finicum family.

As for the rest of you. Be prepared to deal with more earthly matters.

I’m with Max: http://www.maxvelocitytactical.com/2016/01/comment-video-bundy-arrestst-finicum-killing/

You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice.

There will be blood…..

Virgil sends……

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Happy New Year


Prescience I know…….

Keep the following in mind for 2016;

no one can do anything to you that you don’t allow. Nothing has been done to you that you haven’t allowed…..

Never confuse desire with capability

Hope is not a course of action

Never eat anything bigger than your head

Picking sides time is long over. Ya’ll be ready now…..

In the meantime let’s enjoy a little music. More to follow as the year develops.

Remember your birthright.

Virgil sends……




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